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Journal Review: Growth Accelerations

March 26, 2012

A review of Journal Article :

Growth Accelerations

Ricardo Hausmann, Lant Pritchett, Dani Rodrik

Journal of Economic Growth, Vol. 10, No. 4 (Dec., 2005), pp. 303-329

Reviewed by: La Ode Sabaruddin


This journal review is based on a Development Economics class assignment in Graduate Program in Economics University of Indonesia, even semester, academic year 2010/2011 instructed by Padang Wicaksono, Ph.D. It is to review a journal article relevant to a topic discussed in the course. This assignment reviews article “Growth Accelerations” by Ricardo Hausmann, Lant Pritchett, Dani Rodrik (2005) on the Journal of Economic Growth. In this review I respectfully refer to Hausmann, Pritchett and Rodrik (2005) as HPR.

Issues relating to the growth acceleration have been the subject matter of discussion in economic policy. It would be interesting to examine the sources of such an impressive acceleration in some countries’s growth rate due to why some countries grow faster than others. In developing countries where rapid economic growth has commonly become a national goal, analysis of the sources of growth assumes special significance not only because it helps to find out what has and what has not been important in the growth which has already occurred, but also because of the obvious implications it has for the macroeconomic strategy and policies that affect the future growth – its rate as well as pattern. An analysis of the factors leading to the significant acceleration in the economic growth would be useful in assessing the possibilities of a further acceleration in the future. HPR article may become a preferable article in order to explain the accelerating process of economic growth.

Downliad full article:

Journal Review_Growth Acceleration

Growth Acceleration


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